Extra Curricular Activities

  • Knowledge And Experience Of Microsoft Suite And DTP Packages
  • Attended Various Professional & Management Courses At Various Institutes, Schools And Colleges
  • Acquired Invaluable Teaching Experience With Adults And Children
  • Experience Acquired In A Wide Range Of Community Based Projects Involving People With Learning Disabilities, Youth, Educational Based Local Projects, Homework Clubs, Mediation Service, Charity Work and Mentoring.
  • School Governor Experience at Bolton Community College & Gilnow Primary School
  • Organised Conferences / Events On Poverty Alleviation
  • Volunteer Scouts Leader in Bolton Scouts Group


  • Academic Work Published In Various Scientific Journals And Magazines, Examples Include:-
    • Chemical Contamination Of HDPE, Science International Journal, 2003
    • Science and Technology Conference Paper on HDPE Properties & Characterisation, 2003
    • Chemical Exposure Of HDPE To Various Chemical Contaminants, Science International Journal, 2004
    • Acid-Based Contamination Of HDPE, KSS Takveen Magazine, KSS, 2004
    • Environment Waste Management & Plastics Recycling, KSS Takveen Magazine, KSS, 2004
    • HDPE Exposure To  Chemicals, Euro-Asian Journal of Applied Sciences, 2005

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